Digital Solution

The latest integrated solution for custom braces,

Automatic workflow from 3D scaning, evaluation, to design and 3D printing.

Digital Solution
3D Scan01

We have collaborated closely with a software development team under Tsinghua University. By utilizing the 3D scanning capability of the TrueDepth camera on iPhone X and newer models, we have developed a new spatial data algorithm after two years of testing and simulation. 

With this comprehensive 3D scanning software, the precision of the collected model data can reach within 1.5mm range. This system uses a non-contact scanning method to capture joint areas such as the head, chest, hip, upper body, elbow, hand, knee, and foot.

Digital Solution
3D Modeling02

A complete, fast and convenient 3D body scanning system to quickly deal with the body data of patients. No more equipment than a mobile device needed, you will get instant 3D modeling picture in the software.

Digital Solution
3D Print Resin03


Currently, our 3D printer is equipped with a special new material, PLA-PCL copolymer biodegradable material.

It is sourced from cellulose, sugarcane, and other renewable biomass products and can be completely degraded by microorganisms in nature after use.

It has excellent flexibility, processing ability, heat stability, shine, and tensile strength.

Digital Solution
3D Printers04

FDM 6060 3D Printer;

FDM 3017B 3D Printer;

FDM 3218B 3D Printer.